Hot Repair Mix

  • Cost-effective
  • Low air pore rate
  • Strong bonding ability
  • High temperature volume stability

Product Information

High temperature industrial furnace hot repair series of refractory is in different based materials using a new generation of ceramic binding agent, add special components of ultra fine powder and introduce dispersion medium, modified add phase, chemical add phase, through the special process processing made of dynamic characteristics of high technology composite refractory.

Silicone hot repair mix is a kind of plasticity, unshaped refractory material, its main composition is SiO2, using clinker and a variety of binders and admixtures, and processed by special process.

Compare with the traditional repair refractory material, the hot repair mix has its own advantages:

  • Good high temperature resistance, fire resistance, load softening temperature and other high temperature indicators are better than the silicon brick.
  • It has good erosion resistance to glass and alkali dust.
  • A variety of materials combined with preparation, the use of special process processing, the product after sintering the tissue density, low stomatal rate, with the characteristics of strong thermal resistance and high temperature volume stability, so the use of thermal repair will not produce cracking, collapse and other phenomena, also will not be damaged due to the SiO2 crystal conversion to crack and repair structure.
  • Silicone hot supplement is plastic mud at room temperature, can be arbitrary shape, immediately after heat hardening, firmly bonded with the original brick, and at high temperature and the original brick “melt” to produce high temperature ceramics, forming a solid overall structure.

Anyway, the hot repair mix has dense tissue after burning, low air pore rate, high temperature resistance, erosion resistance, wear resistance and peeling resistance, high temperature volume stability, good compatibility with residual brick masonry, strong bonding ability, convenient construction and other excellent properties, the hot repair mix is the ideal refractory material for carbon calciner tank wall, coke oven carbonization chamber and other masonry is damaged.


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